Professional Organizations & Experience


Clinical, Administrative, Entrepreneurial, and Leadership Experience

2023 – Present

Rowan College at Burlington County – Health Science Program/EMS Program

Brought on as the Medical Director for the EMT Program as a consultant.

  •  Serving as a program medical director advisor regarding the program content, procedures, and protocols
  • Consulting and/or advising the instructional staff in the preparation and presentation of the program
  • Assisting in recruiting physicians to present materials in class, settling questions of medical protocol and acting as a liaison between the program and the medical community
  • Serving as a resource to review the quality of care rendered by the EMT student during clinical and field experiences of the EMT training program
  • Assisting in the review of all written and/or practical skills examinations developed by program staff as needed


2005 – Present

Virtua Health System – Willingboro Campus (Formerly, Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County)

Willingboro, NJ

A provider of community hospital emergency care, the regional county psychiatric evaluation unit and rape crisis center, certified STEMI and stroke center. 

Responsible for delivering emergency care to patients with acute illness, trauma care and stabilization, pediatric, adult medicine in single-physician coverage for 12 hours a day in a facility serving 100 to 110 patients daily. Conducted all radiographic reads and monitored patients undergoing IV contrast studies during radiology off-hours.

  • Selected as the keynote speaker for the Deborah Heart and Lung center pulmonary medicine department regional conference, with an audience of 250+ tristate respiratory therapists, RNs and pulmonologists, and invited as a speaker and EMS director panel participant for Rowan University EMS clinical education symposium


2012 – Present

Township Of Mount Laurel

Mount Laurel, NJ

An agency providing 911 services to Philadelphia suburban EMS system (second largest in Burlington Count) comprised of 120 staff members and volunteers and a fleet of seven ambulances and mass casualty trailers, to deliver services to a population of 42,000+. 

Provide medical oversight of EMS care, staff training and remediation, protocol review and development.

  • 80% participation rate achieved by standardizing essential processes across disparate county EMS / pre-hospital systems to improve consistency and foster communication between county-wide medical directors to maintain the most up-to-date level of care.
  • Developed and introduced one of the first TASER injury training programs in the state in a partnership with local law enforcement agencies.


2010 – Present

EMS Consultant Group (

Jenkintown, PA

A provider of staffing solutions, educational programs, process development, management, medical guidance, QA screening, compliance, training and independent medical review for insurance liability protection and EMS companies. 

Conceptualized the business idea and developed service offerings. Responsible for negotiating client contracts, ensuring compliance and overseeing website, advertising and SEO while managing P&L and company financial budgeting.

  • Grew the business to 13+ private ALS transport clients providing more than 65,000 ambulance transports each year.
  • Authored and submitted an RFQ response and 120-page review with consolidation recommendations for EMS protocol standardization for the Washoe County, Nevada, with a diverse, multiagency EMS system.
  • Zero client issues experienced by conceiving educational programs and training on current trends, equipment and PA procedures within an atmosphere of $15+ million in Medicare / Medicaid fraud.


2008 – Present

Department of Labor | Philadelphia Job Corp

Philadelphia, PA

A government sponsored firm delivering marketable skill training and GED education to underprivileged high school age students and young adults. 

Oversaw and developed EMS programs for EMT training, manage skill testing compliance and interact with EMS councils and onsite hospital training for EMT candidates.

  • Implemented the EMT certification program, the most successful program in agency history, by partnering with the regional EMS council to identify staffing needs and hire the facility director and the EMS education coordinator.



Women’s Medical Hospital

Philadelphia, PA

A community hospital with a 35-bed ER.

Assisted in the reopening of the hospital and shaping the development of the Emergency Medicine Department. Organized medical management and negotiated care agreements with neighboring tertiary care hospitals and ambulance services. Directed physician scheduling, chart audits and problem resolution.

  • Managed department functionality throughout hospital financial restructuring and closing, provided leadership for the facility serving 25,000+ patients, and sustained a fully operational Emergency Department despite limited finances by maintaining stringent inventory controls to maximize resources.
  • Zero mortalities in the safe transfer of critically ill patients attained by designing transport agreements with private ambulance services and higher-level care facilities during phase of hospital redevelopment.


2000 – 2004

Temple Health System

Philadelphia, PA

A $1.6 billion academic health system dedicated to quality patient care, medical education and research.

Assisted in the management of the community Emergency Department.

  • Involved in the development and review of protocols for ionizing radiation studies to ensure compliance with federal regulations and patient / staff safety.
  • Played a key role in launching a vital in-house ambulance transport system serving 15 to 20 critical care patients in the first year.
  • Devised an educational program and presented lectures to dramatically enhance the partnership between Philadelphia fire / EMS staff and the ER to facilitate additional patient transfers to the medical center during a citywide period of facility closures and limited funding.
  • Served on the stroke care committee and the health system neurosciences taskforce, coordinating management for acute neurosurgical pathology for all patients requiring surgical neurointervention.
  • Certified training in EMS operations and planning for WMD and continuity of operations by TEEX, the US Department of Homeland Security, and FEMA.
  • Participated in protocol and policy development, advocated for funding and resources during a time of hospital closures within the system and a 50% spike in patients presenting to the ER.


1999 – 2000


Managed the rebuilding of the Emergency Department, staffing and resources. Administered patient management pending transfer to Temple University Hospital. Initiated process of revamping charting to boost compliance and reverse pre-existing down coding. Instituted updates of bilingual patient discharge instructions.

  • 23,000+ patient volume resurge after precipitous patient decline following a facility acquisition and resultant nursing strike nurtured by initiating efforts to reverse negative perceptions and rebuild trust from the local population, including development of bilingual discharge instructions and the additional of Spanish-speaking staff.
  • Advocated for the needs of the Emergency Department to maintain full operations after a 50%+ drop in attending staff and critical care resources amidst multiple department closures in an environment with a high percentage of patients with HIV-related illnesses, heroin abuse, and penetrating trauma.
  • Liaised with the Philadelphia EMS Disaster Planning Committee, arranged for surge staffing capacity and kept the committee apprised of resources and contingencies available in the event of a disaster in preparation for the Republican National Convention.
  • Introduced bilingual electronic patient discharge instructions to enhance patient compliance for the 90%+ Hispanic patient population and reduce physician liability.
  • Administered reaccreditation as a base command facility for the Philadelphia Fire / EMS system, ensuring completion of requisite certifications and required training by personally ascertaining that every attending physician in the ER received recertification as a command physician and arranging for site surveys.
  • 0% change in statistical morbidity and mortality realized by managing disease pathology through establishment of an online reference library with links to MEDLINE, MICROMEDEX and various physicians electronic texts.

1999 – Present

Independent Contractor

Philadelphia, PA

Serve as a medical director and command services leader for at least nine various medical transport companies and hospitals providing advanced life support services. 

Assist firms with process development and liaise with government agencies for licensing of operations.

  • Built a large client base and grew the business form one to six+ private ambulance services through exceptional client relations, referrals and industry reputation.


1996 – 2012

West Jersey Hospital (Rebranded as part of Virtua Health System)

Voorhees, NJ

A hospital ER serving 35,000+ patients annually. 

Delivered emergency medical care and medical command for all advanced life support activities in the southwest New Jersey region, including critically ill patients during in-flight transfer to tertiary care centers. Provided in-field direction to paramedics in medical and trauma management. Coordinated medical direction for trauma transports and on-scene trauma management.

  • 20% to 30% decrease in patient complaints accomplished by addressing customer concerns on the spot as well as forming a channel to keep patients informed.
  • Presented lectures to residents and paramedics on toxicology, neonate emergency care, bites and burns, poisoning management and on managing crisis pain, amongst others, the ER.


  • Urgent Care Physician, Atlanticare, Atlantic City NJ, 2004 – 2015
  • Transitioned from serving as an Independent Contractor beginning August, 2018 with All-state Career School’s EMT and Paramedic program,  to employee status.  This status change was based on mutual interests, and effective October 2019.   Services as Medical Director, otherwise, remain unchanged.
  • Medical Director as of 2019 for Vitality Sight, LLC.   Vitality Sight, LLC, is a full service emergency preparedness consulting firm specializing in preparing first responders as well as public and private organizations to be holistically prepared for a variety of emergencies.  

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