Business Development

  • 0% change in statistical morbidity and mortality realized by managing disease pathology through independent establishment of an online reference library with links to MEDLINE, MICROMEDEX and various physicians manuals. Read Full Success Story
  • Created a software system linked to multiple online databases to offset the 50%+ loss of in-house attending staff and department services to continue full-service functionality of the ER with no change in morbidity or mortality rates. Read Full Success Story
  • Zero mortalities in the safe transfer of critically ill patients attained by designing transport agreements with private ambulance services and higher-level care facilities during phase of hospital redevelopment. Read Full Success Story
  • 23,000+ patient volume resurge after precipitous patient decline following a facility acquisition and resultant nursing strike nurtured by initiating efforts to reverse negative perceptions and rebuild trust from the local population including development of bilingual discharge instructions and the additional of Spanish-speaking staff.
  • Recognized as the top performing provider in the physician group’s customer service survey.
  • Played a key role in launching a vital in-house ambulance transport system serving 15 to 20 critical care patients in the first year.
  • 20% to 30% decrease in patient complaints accomplished by addressing customer concerns on the spot as well as forming a channel to keep patients informed.


Staff & Policy Development

  • 80% participation rate achieved by standardizing essential processes across disparate county EMS / pre-hospital systems to improve consistency and foster communication between county-wide medical directors to maintain the most up-to-date level of care. Read Full Success Story
  • Selected as the keynote speaker for Deborah Heart and Lung Center regional pulmonary medicine conference, with tristate audience of 250+ respiratory therapists, RNs and pulmonologists. 
  • Speaker at EMS director panel participant for a Rowan University EMS Clinical Education Symposium.
  • Presented lectures to residents and paramedics on toxicology, neonate emergency care, bites and burns, poisoning management and on managing crisis pain in the ER.
  • Involved in the development and review of protocols for ionizing radiation studies to ensure compliance with federal regulations and patient / staff safety.
  • Served on the Stroke Care Committee and the Health System Neurosciences Taskforce, coordinating management for acute neurosurgical pathology for all patients requiring surgical neurointervention.


Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Founded and grew business to 13+ private ALS transport clients providing more than 65,000 ambulance transports each year Read Full Success Story
  • Implemented the Department of Labor’s Philadelphia Job Corp EMT Certification Program, the most successful program in the history of Job Corp. Achieved this via partnering with the regional EMS council to identify staffing needs and hiring the facility director and the EMS education coordinator.
  • Built a large client base and grew business from one to six+ private ambulance services through exceptional client relations, referrals and industry reputation.
  • Led the introduction of bilingual electronic patient discharge instructions to enhance patient compliance for the 90%+ Hispanic patient population and reducing physician liability


Infrastructure Redesign & Performance Improvement

  • Developed and introduced one of the first TASER injury training programs in New Jersey in a partnership with local law enforcement agencies.
  • Authored and submitted an RFQ response and 120-page review with consolidation recommendations for EMS protocol standardization for Washoe County, Nevada, contending with a diverse, multiagency EMS system.
  • Participated in protocol and policy development, advocated for funding and resources during a time of hospital closures within the system and a 50% spike in patients presenting to the ER.
  • Introduced bilingual electronic patient discharge instructions to enhance patient compliance for the 90%+ Hispanic patient population and reduce physician liability. Read Full Success Story


Management / Administration / Leadership

  • Managed department functionality throughout hospital financial restructuring and closing, provided leadership for the facility serving 25,000+ patients and sustained a fully operational Emergency Department despite limited finances by maintaining stringent inventory controls to maximize resources.
  • Devised an educational program, presented lectures to dramatically enhance the partnership between Philadelphia Fire and EMS staff and the ER to facilitate additional patient transfers to the medical center during a citywide period of facility closures and limited funding.
  • Certified training in EMS operations and planning for WMD and continuity of operations by TEEX, the US Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.
  • Advocated for the needs of the Emergency Department to maintain full operations after a 50%+ drop in attending staff and critical care resources amidst department closures in an environment with a high percentage of patients with HIV-related illnesses, heroin abuse and penetrating trauma.
  • Liaised with the Philadelphia EMS Disaster Planning Committee for the Republican National Convention, arranged for surge staffing capacity, and kept the committee apprised of resources and contingencies available in the event of a disaster.
  • Administered reaccreditation as a base command facility for Philadelphia Fire / EMS, ensuring completion of requisite certifications and required training by personally ascertaining that every attending physician in the ER received recertification as a command physician as well as arranging for site surveys.
  • Served as a consultant to the City of Philadelphia in the event of a major disaster and provided guidance as to surge capacity and hospital resources.
  • Zero client issues experienced by conceiving educational programs and training on current trends, equipment and PA procedures within an atmosphere of $15+ million in Medicare / Medicaid fraud.


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