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If you want to improve your healthcare practices and motivate your employees to be the best they can be, Dr. Barnett can help.  As a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, his experience as an Emergency Medicine physician, as well as his background with EMS and healthcare administration, he has a track record of providing highly effective and customizable solutions to complex healthcare and municipal organizational problems.

Dr. Barnett has years of experience educating and training EMS personnel and healthcare professionals in both the public and private sectors. He can create programs to suit your business needs and address your busy schedule. Contact him today if you need an EMS healthcare speaker for your hospital, municipality, or EMS agency.



Dr. Barnett can help develop, implement, and provide training for all of your EMS-required workplace programs. A sample of unique topics that can be addressed beyond traditional training subjects include:

  • Developing Growth Strategies: Having managed Emergency Departments under financial duress, Dr. Barnett has hands-on experience in not only creating budget-neutral plans but, as an MBA graduate with formal training in marketing, he has  successfully nurtured and guided businesses and municipalities into achieving positive growth. As an entrepreneur, he has personal experience with business development.
  • Creating a Feasibility Analysis: With formal MBA training from a top, nationally rated program, Dr. Barnett can produce actionable feasibility studies. His company, EMS Consultant Group, has the resources to augment any additional needs your organization might have. 
  • Infrastructure Redesign & Performance Improvement: With his experience running Emergency Departments, having served in the pre-hospital arena with New York City EMS and as a volunteer fire-fighter, as well as his experience in business development, compounded by formal business training from an MBA program ranked second in economics and third in corporate strategy, Dr. Barnett understands the dynamics of your system.  He can help develop a cogent realistic fiscal plan which can be embraced by your agency. 
  • Management, Administration & Leadership: Each employee has a lot to offer in a healthcare environment. With formal training in Organizational Behavior, Dr. Barnett can help you learn how to develop individual talents to ensure your facility runs as efficiently as possible.

Traditional keynote topics are also available.  These range from advanced airway management, weapons injuries, the opioid crisis, TASER injuries, and many other subjects - all amassed from a twenty-five year clinical career.   Previews are available on this website with password authorization. Audiences have ranged from local community churches, to municipal councils, university symposiums, and even the 87th Airborne Medical Group! Please see the testimonials located elsewhere on this website for client reviews.

Dr. Barnett takes the time to learn about your processes and tailor his speaking services to your needs. His experience encompasses a wide range of entrepreneurial, business, healthcare, Emergency Department, and pre-hospital areas.  As an actively practicing Emergency Medicine physician, he is actively on the front-line caring for patients.  All of this translates into a speaker who can connect with the interests of your audience.



Dr. Barnett is a practicing ER doctor and EMS Medical Command physician for both the public and private sectors, has spent years in the healthcare industry, and has worked in administration as well as consulting. This background gives him a unique blend of skills that is perfect for helping your department succeed.  Executive Resume, Curriculum Vitae, and Executive Biography are available on this website for review.  The healthcare speaker at your next event must be dully qualified!

Contact Dr. Barnett today if you need an EMS speaker to help your facility reach its full potential or for your next educational venue.

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