Video Interview

Discussion of State of Growing Understanding of Covid-19, Recorded on "The Winner's Circle," Hosted by Dr Sean Hubbard, WRVNTV on November 10, 2020

Interview on "Morning Coffee" on RVNTV September 24,2020. Discussion covers the fears and controversy over the pending release of COVID-19 vaccines and the upcoming influenza season

Recorded 3/10/2020 RVNTV Regarding Coronavirus Pandemic as Medical Expert

Recorded 7/2019 RVNTV.TV Regarding Haiti Medical Relief Mission

Other Television Expert Work

October 3, 2014 Provided Medical Expert Information to ABC World News on TASER Incident In Florida. Was the first and primary EMS Medical Command physician in the State of NJ assisting in the Training and Roll-out of TASERs amongst the State's police force

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May 11, 1996, As the Deputy Director for the Department of Emergency Medicine, functioned as Liaison to the Media for Episcopal Hospital. Interviewed by ABC Evening News, Philadelphia. Provided media information regarding medical effects of heroin Variant being sold under the names "Super Buick," and "Homicide," leading to deaths and medical complications during the month of May, 1996. Episcopal was in the heart of the Philadelphia Heroin Epidemic

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