Select Recent Lectures and Keynote Presentations

Keynote Speaker on the Opioid Crisis in America at the Burlington, NJ Masonic Lodge October 12, 2021

Keynote Speaker June 4, 2021 - Analysis of Urgent Care Transfers to Emergency Department

Lourdes Heart & Healthy Living Expo at the Haitian Baptist Church - ER versus Urgent Care

Keynote Speaker April 2, 2019 at Philadelphia Masonic Temple on the Opioid Crisis

Speaker at the 2018 Gloucester County EMS/Rowan University EMS Clinical Education Symposium on Alternatives to Emergency Department Care.

Keynote Speaker on Difficulty Airway Management Presentation at the 87th Airborne Medical Group.

EMS Director Panel Participant, EMS /Rowan University Clinical Education Symposium

Keynote Speaker on the Management of TAZER Injuries at the Gloucester County EMS/Rowan University EMS Clinical Education Symposium

The bill consolidated the existing 10 laws that makes up the current EMS system, moved the State from having to legislate change in EMS to a regulatory process through the Commissioner of Health, established a State EMS Advisory Board made up of 32 stake holders to recommend regulatory change to the  Commisioner of Health, Appointed an EMS Physician to be the State EMS Medical Director, appointed three State EMS Medical Directors for each of the three regions of the State, regulated all of EMS, including volunteers, appointed a volunteer liason position at the State office of EMS, and provided funding to EMS from Existing sources..  This bill was sponsored by State Senators Vitale and Sweeney and by Assemblyman Conaway.

Emergency Respiratory Medicine, Keynote Speaker. Deborah Heart and Lung Center Conference held at the Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia, PA

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