Providing Online Reference

Providing Online Reference Library Realizes 0% Morbidity

Shortly after hire, Temple University purchased the hospital. A nursing strike followed the merger along with resignation by the CEO and a drastic decline in available hospital resources caused a lack of communication and support. The acquiring company terminated striking nurses, which further heightened the sense of chaos and distrust. As a new administrator, only several years out of residency, forced to functional beyond the initial job description and personal experience to keep the ER functioning.

Appealed to the medical staff and administration to champion for the needs of the Emergency Department. Served as administrator on call for transferring critically ill patients to other facilities with intensive care capability. Provided staff support in managing the critically ill patients too sick to transfer.

Named the Interim Chair to maintain full functionality of the ER pending a search committee finding a permanent replacement. Maintained a zero mortality and morbidity rate.


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