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Launching New Business

Launching New Business Services 65,000+ Patients

A law passed in Pennsylvania requiring physician oversight of all ambulance services. The opportunity arose for a formal business to take advantage of the new law.

Leveraged personal network of peers, friends and colleagues in business, tax accounting and legal industry for advice. Learned the necessary skills in web design, blogging, web development and search engine optimization as well as ideas to surmount anticipated obstacles.

As a result, launched a highly successful private venture company that since grew to services far beyond the Delaware Valley, including national presence as far away as Washoe County, Nevada. That county consisted of a multi-level care, 13-agency system including fire, contract and stakeholder organizations with 6,550+ square miles and 430,000+ residents. Worked to develop a regional protocol for the delivery of pre-hospital patient care for all agencies in that county.

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