Convening Commission

Convening Commission Of Multiple Directors Enhances Level Of Care

An American College of Surgeon’s consensus paper updated the suggested care of potential pre-hospital spinal cord injury patients. Local systems adhered to outdated policies and frequently, multiple agencies engaged in mutual assistance. Numerous medical directors and various agencies hampered improvement. Hospitals expected a specific level of care. Deviating from the standard, yet antiquated system led to vexation and confusion at the receiving facilities.

In conjunction with the Chief of Mt Laurel EMS, contacted and convened a committee composed of all the medical directors in the county. A commission such as this never existed previously.

The consistency of care improved and the effort created a forum for future policy development among the various agencies. Approximately 80% of all EMS agencies participated in the group covering the southern part of New Jersey. The initiative dramatically cut the misuse of backboards and reduced inappropriate use.

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